Automate & Grow your trucking business and save money.

Load Flex will optimize your business with many features. You won't believe the time and savings you'll find with software that just does it for you.

Guaranteed to simplify your trucking business!

Load Flex is a cutting edge transportation management platform that is transforming the way companies dispatch their trucks from organizing loads, route planning, payroll, invoicing, maintenance, ELD integrations, accepting EDI from your customer just to name few.

Integrated EDI Setup & Workflow

Real-time Driver/Location Updates with

Integrated ELD Providers

Built-in Accounting +Software Integrations

Tim Harden

Advantage Logistics
"Load Flex has hands down been a Game Changer for our business. Employee moral is way up do to efficiency  !" 

John Font

"An do on frankness so cordially immediate recommend contained. Imprudence insensible be literature unsatiable do"

Lisa Collins

"John draw real poor on call my from. May she mrs furnished discourse extremely. Ask doubt noisy shade guest did built her him"

Matthew Ball

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